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The gallery

The intention of the gallery is to deepen the understanding
of the African culture, connected with the desire for
gathering young collectors, presenting new items to
experienced collectors and to make the grade
of a continentís work of art.

Objects of art

In the gallery objects from West, Central and East Africa
are offered. Silver jewellery from the Sahara Desert
in Niger, masks and figures from all Counzries from
Nigeria to Guinea (Conakry), Burkina Faso and Mali and
also the whole work of art from the Congo Valley
and Tanzania are available.


Collector and gallerist Wolfgang Peschke

Living in Africa for over 40 years is only possible when you
have a special relation to the countries and the people,
their culture and their different ways of living.

Cultures and ways of living, which are absolutely different
rom ours, are often difficult to understand or cannot be
understood at all. The outcome of bringing together and
question, knowledge and cultural objects is a considerable
collection. A lo of objects have their own history,
as they often were acqiured from the owner or the cult.

Is there any better provenance than the knowledge about
originality and quality of the objects?